About Herbafusion

Herbafusion by established by me Janee', a mother, wife, and Army veteran about 7 years ago. I began handcrafting vegan skincare products for my first born who had very sensitive skin.

I noticed the change in his skin and overall appearance and I knew then, I could not keep such an amazing creation to myself.

Helping others is what I love doing so I figured, sharing my handcrafted products with the world would be the answer to people who have sensitive skin like my son, or for individuals who are looking for chemical free, vegan, natural products as well. 

Herbafusion motto is " A products your skin will truly appreciate." Because of the its purity, and the benefits all of the productss contains, we know your skin will thank you for feeding beneficial products to your skin!

Thank you for choosing Herbafusion as your skincare regimen, I know you will love it, and your skin will appreciate it.


Janee', CEO